Hallmark Hall of Fame Facts

First Broadcast:


Amahl and the Night Visitors
on Christmas Eve 1951
(first opera ever commissioned for television)


Average Running Time of Broadcast:


96 minutes
(8-10 minutes longer than typical made-for-television movies)


Number of Broadcasts:


257 as of April 2016

Number of Awards:


133 Total
81 Emmys (more than twice as many as any other TV series)
28 Christopher Awards
11 Peabody Awards
9 Golden Globes
4 Humanitas Prizes


Award-Winning Actors:


64 Academy Award-winning actors have appeared in Hallmark Hall of Fame presentations. That is one-fourth of all the actors who have ever won an Oscar.


Most-Watched Broadcast:


1997 production of What the Deaf Man Heard, starring Matthew Modine and James Earl Jones, holds the series' viewership record of nearly 23 million viewers.


Most-Honored Broadcast:


1986 production of Promise, starring James Garner and James Woods, is the most-honored single program in television history (5 Emmys, 1 Christopher Award, 1 Peabody Award, 2 Golden Globes, 1 Humanitas Prize).


Length of Hallmark Commercials:


2 minutes average
(for those running during Hallmark Hall of Fame movies)


Average Number of Hallmark Commercials:

  8 commercials per 2-hour broadcast


Check out the Hallmark Hall of Fame website for more details about television's most-honored dramatic series.

Fun Fact

The work of legendary artists and writers like Grandma Moses, Saul Steinberg, Maya Angelou, Andrew Wyeth, Salvador Dali, and Norman Rockwell has appeared on Hallmark cards.