Brand Legacy

Hallmark Historical Logos

Quality. Innovation. Caring.

Simple but powerful words that come to mind when you mention Hallmark. Creating a brand as powerful as the Hallmark name started with the pursuit of quality more than 100 years ago.

Mark of Quality

In the early days, our greeting cards carried the company name “Hall Brothers” on the back. But the term “hallmark,” used by goldsmiths in the 14th century, fascinated founder J.C. Hall. As he explained, “It not only said quality in an authoritative way, but it also incorporated our family name.” In 1925, “Hallmark” appeared on products for the first time, and by 1928, it was used on the back of every greeting card.

More than a Slogan

“When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best” is more than a slogan for Hallmark, it is a business commitment. When C.E. (Ed) Goodman, a Hallmark sales and marketing executive, jotted down these words on a 3x5 card in 1944, he was trying to capture the essence of why Hallmark stood above the rest. Little did he know that his scribblings would become one of the most recognized and trusted slogans in advertising. As J.C. Hall expressed in his autobiography, When You Care Enough: “The slogan constantly put pressure on us to make Hallmark cards ‘the very best.’”

The Hallmark Hall of Fame

The Hallmark brand rose to an entirely new level when its name became forever connected with the most-honored program in the history of television – Hallmark Hall of Fame. Born more than 60 years ago in an era of fully-sponsored television programming, Hallmark Hall of Fame stands the test of time by continuing to explore positive, life-affirming themes that resonate with viewers.

As chairman Donald J. Hall, son of founder J.C. Hall whose vision gave birth to the series, has stated: “The Hallmark Hall of Fame has had an amazing impact on consumers, our employees, retail partners, business leaders, and opinion molders. It continues to work its magic on our image to a degree I cannot fully explain. I am not aware of any such vehicle, in or out of television, available to any other company, with such a positive impact.” 

Fun Fact

The first Hallmark Hall of Fame production, Amahl and the Night Visitors, aired in 1951 and was the first original opera created for television.