U.S. Production

Product planning Where are Hallmark products made? It depends, on the product and what step in the process of creating them you're asking about.  

Virtually all Hallmark products are conceived by teams of product managers, creative thinkers and problem-solving engineers, in our headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. They’re designed by an in-house staff of artists, designers, writers, illustrators, editors, animators and photographers, who apply their creative talents to those products.

Once products are designed, we consider many factors, including quality, cost, production capability and speed requirements, when determining where they’re made:

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  • Most greeting cards available in the United States are produced here, by Hallmark employees in our greeting card production center in Lawrence, Kan. 
  • Cards that require handwork, such as adding beads or tassels, are typically made by suppliers in Asia. This includes cards with sound and recordable features and most holiday boxed cards. Hallmark Gold Crown stores carry several boxed card designs made in Kansas.
  • Envelopes for U.S.-made greeting cards are made by Hallmarkers in the Lawrence, Kan., production center.
  • Ribbons, bows, stickers, rolls of gift wrap and other specialty products are produced by Hallmarkers in our Leavenworth, Kan., plant. They make some products for our Crayola subsidiary, too.
  • Keepsake Ornaments and most gift products are designed in the U.S. and produced overseas. The capabilities of overseas factories to provide cost-effective solutions for plastics, plush and electronics make overseas production most feasible.
  • Wherever they're produced, all products end up at our distribution center in Liberty, Mo., to be shipped to stores.
  • Employees in Leavenworth, Kan., produce gift wrap products.
  • And the fixtures on which cards and other products are displayed in stores? They're U.S.-made, by Hallmark employees in our fixture plants in Center, Texas, and Metamora, Ill.

We are proud of our commitment to domestic manufacturing for any products we feel we can make here and offer good value to consumers, and we always consider that alternative when it's feasible. We're also proud of the work conditions and standards we require for overseas factories through our Supplier Code of Conduct program.