Hallmark Response - USPS Announcement

Updated 4/10/2013

Today's announcement that the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors is withdrawing the plan to end Saturday mail delivery in August is welcome news for those who believe that a financially healthy U.S. Postal Service is important to the nation.

Hallmark continues to believe that rather than eliminating services, the Postal Service needs to address underlying organizational and operational issues.  A reduction in services will not induce customer loyalty and will negatively impact rural areas and small businesses that depend on timely, affordable, reliable delivery of mail to every address in the country.

Hallmark and the Greeting Card Association look forward to working with Congress, the Postal Service, the Postal Regulatory Commission and the mailing community through the legislative process to develop and implement much-needed reform legislation to ensure the long-term financial health of the Postal Service.  

Updated 2/8/2013

We were surprised to hear the postal service's announcement on Feb. 6, 2013, to eliminate Saturday delivery without having full Congressional approval to do so.

While we know this option was one of many the USPS has recommended in the past, the Postal Regulatory Commission concluded that savings from this move would be much lower than the USPS estimated.  Maintaining parcel delivery could further reduce or even eliminate any remaining savings.

In addition, this move does nothing to address the underlying organizational and operational issues that have led to their current financial crisis.

Hallmark continues to believe a reduction in service will not induce customer loyalty and will negatively impact small towns and small businesses that depend on timely, affordable, reliable mail delivery. This move should only be considered once all other cost-saving options are fully explored and acted upon.

What remains unclear is if the USPS can make this change without Congressional approval. Just last year 222 Members of the House of Representatives signed on to a resolution supporting continued six-day mail service. We will have to wait and see how Congress responds to the USPS announcement.

Note:  Hallmark, as one of more than 200 members of the Greeting Card Association, supports the GCA's position posted here.

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