Greeting Cards for People in Hospice Care

A number of people have recently shared with Hallmark a wish to have greeting cards that are appropriate to give to those who are seriously ill - for whom "get well" unfortunately is not the right message - and the people who care for them. They are telling us how helpful a greeting card can be in conveying love and care at a time when words are especially difficult to find.

We agree, which is why Hallmark offers nearly 100 cards to help people share words of support for a range of life situations, including cancer treatment, serious or terminal illness, grief support, recovery/rehab and other difficult times as well as cards for caregivers.

These cards are available within several different lines in any store that carries Hallmark products.  But because they haven't typically been displayed together, and because not every store offering Hallmark products carries every card we produce, these cards can be difficult to find. Late last year we began offering new displays to group these cards in a "tough times" zone with signs to help shoppers find them.  These new sections will be appearing in many Hallmark Gold Crown stores throughout 2013. 

You’ll find the broadest selection of these and other Hallmark cards at your local Hallmark Gold Crown store, and if you are having trouble finding a card that expresses your thoughts for someone who is going through any difficult situation, don't hesitate to ask for assistance.  Store associates know what cards are offered in their stores, and will be happy to point out the choices available.  Or go to to see the selection available there.

In the meantime, know that our card planners are listening, as they do every day to better understand what people who turn to us for kind and caring thoughts and meaningful connections are looking for from Hallmark.  

Additional information about cards to help encourage others is available here.

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Fun Fact

The work of legendary artists and writers like Grandma Moses, Saul Steinberg, Maya Angelou, Andrew Wyeth, Salvador Dali, and Norman Rockwell has appeared on Hallmark cards.