Life is a Special Occasion

Life is a Special OccasionPeople often think of Hallmark as a company that helps you celebrate special people on special days. We’re honored that you associate us with holidays and big milestones in life.

But Hallmark is also about celebrating all of those perfectly imperfect moments shared between the milestones. We’re about real life – not ideal life. And we’re about spontaneous moments that can happen on holidays or any day.

At Hallmark, we believe Life is a Special Occasion.

Life is busy. It can be a blur. It’s filled with bedtime, bath time, lunchtime, carpools, laundry, jobs. At times, we all feel that our lives are passing us by, that life’s special moments are being lost in the shuffle.

So we want to inspire you to push the “pause” button. To stop. Look around. Enjoy the funny, crazy, touching unplanned moments of life with the people you love.

Our goal is to provide the inspiration, ideas, products and services to help you pause, recognize, linger, and capture the meaningful moments you share with others. Hallmark wants to create the kinds of cool stuff we can all use to make our daily lives and relationships a little deeper, richer, fuller.

Because there's no doubt about it, Life is a Special Occasion.

Fun Fact

In 1915, Hall Brothers purchased engraving presses to begin printing and publishing greeting cards, becoming a manufacturer for the first time.