Supplier Partnerships

Supplier Diversity Steering CommitteeHallmark has plenty of innovative thinkers coming up with new product ideas, one of the world’s largest (and best, if you ask us) creative teams helping develop them and two Kansas-based manufacturing plants to produce them. We also have in-house experts in everything from logistics and sales to marketing, merchandising and digital development.

But with 49,000 products in our model line at any given time, we can’t do it all by ourselves. So we work with a diverse base of partners in the United States and around the world who meet our business requirements to extend our capacity, lend outside expertise and help us get products to stores faster than ever.

Read more here about our Supplier Diversity Program and our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Fun Fact

Eighteen-year-old entrepreneur J.C. Hall founded Hallmark in 1910 with little more than two shoeboxes full of postcards. Read more about J.C. Hall.